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Q: Help for Ingrown hairs?

For over 10 years we have specialised in treating ingrown hairs.
3 steps:

  1. Prevention
  2. Clear
  3. After care

Q: I have had problems with ingrown hairs from hair shaving and waxing. I’m even prone if I don’t do either. Why is this happening to me?

4 reasons to be aware of:

  1. The skin cells have built up in the areas affected. This can cover the hair follicle therefore the hair doesn’t grow through as it should. Instead it keeps growing under the skin.
  2. This can happen through poor waxing techniques when removing the hair causing the hair shaft to break during the process.
  3. The hair grows back coarse or thicker from shaving and hair removal creams. You are at risk of the thicker hair tip growing back into the skin.
  4. The tip of the hair can also grow through the hair follicle normally but then get caught on dead skin cells (dry skin) and grow back into the skin.

Q: What do I need to be aware of after waxing?

It is important to follow after care from 8- 24 hours after a wax.

An Antihistamine tablet and after wax cream applied at home, speeds up the healing process of the skin.

Q: Does waxing hurt?

You can feel the removal of the hair. Everyone experiences this differently. Some people like the feeling as the skin is being cleared of hair. However some clients take a pain relief tablet 30 minutes before if they feel worried it may not be pleasant.

Q: I had a bad experience with waxing, why should I try it again?

This is to do with the technique of application and the removal of the wax, always remember not everyone and every treatment is the same.
Results achieved for our clients keep them returning to us from all over the UK. Never give up, every experience will be different, give the Truth of Beauty treatment a try.

Q: What is a Perfect Bikini™?

We have registered the Perfect Bikini™ trademark to protect the high standard of results which are achieved. There are two areas which are personalised within the method.
This gives you two different choices of style to suit your needs. There is no need for strange positions for us to remove unwanted hair. You can also leave your underwear on, whilst achieving the same results if you prefer.
The results will leave you feeling hygienically clean without removing all the hair like a Brazilian or a Hollywood, we also treat ingrown hairs and maintain the area so the regrowth is excellent.
It really is a Perfect Bikini™ our clients say it’s addictive.

Q: Why do men and women travel to Truth of beauty from all over the UK?

We treat people as we ourselves would want to be treated, regardless of the cost of their treatment. All client treatments are confidential, ensuring that their privacy is protected. Our treatments have been created and are applied with care.
The difference with our techniques and skills are evidenced by the results that are achieved. These differences drive our high levels of customer retention.

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