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Ladies Love You Be You Treatments

Specialist Removal of Ingrown Hairs

Expert advice is always provided on how to prevent further ingrown hairs. A specialist tool and equipment are used to remove ingrown hairs with open hair follicles. Ingrown hairs are very common and this is why prevention, treatment and after-care are an essential part of your treatment.

If you have a waxing treatment booked in the first 5 minutes are included with your treatment price. Advice is free.

Honey Wax

Your wax is personalised to the individual needs of each client. You will have a consultation if you wish or you may choose between the following products to be used for your hair removal waxing treatment. Sarah Louisa has specialized with waxing techniques since 2002. The results of regrowth will be the same with all products used.

There is an additional £5 charge per visit, not per treatment, to see Sarah Louisa personally

Basic Bikini £10 Half Leg Wax and Toes £16 Full Leg Wax and Toes £25 Under Arm Wax £10 Ladies Back Wax £10 Wax Full Arm £15 Wax Half Arm £10 Lip or Chin £6 Side of Face £6 Face Wax on 2 Areas, (Not Including Eyebrows) £10 Full Leg Wax and Perfect Bikini Wax £40 Full Leg Wax and Brazilian/Hollywood Strip Wax £45 Full Body Wax Includes Full Leg, Brazilian/Hollywood, Half Arm and Under Arm £65
Mancine Hot Wax

The hot wax clings to the hair rather than the skin and therefore the client will not feel as much of a 'pinch'. The skin area will not be as sensitive after treatment.

This treatment is ideal for clients with sensitive skin or who have previously been prone to redness or sore skin after waxing.

Hot was is only used for eyebrows, face, bikini and underarms.

*Additional £10 charge per Maxine Hot Wax treatment


A superb result is achieved each time with a unique personal disposable applicator. The applicator is opened in the client’s presence and disposed of after use. This technique helps eliminate the risk of infection or cross contamination.

*Additional £5 charge per PHD treatment


The sugar is organic and made with sugar and lemon.

*Additional £10 charge per Sugaring treatment

Our Signature Perfect Bikini

Perfect Bikini

This is one of our most popular treatments.
You will be left feeling very groomed and hygienically clean without having all the hair removed off the lip. The treatment is also tailored for your personal choice.

Honey £20
PHD £25
Hot Wax / Sugar  £30
Our Signature Brazilian Wax

This is our bare bikini

Honey £25
PHD £30
Hot Wax / Sugar £35
Our Signature Hollywood Strip
  • Strip
  • Pencil Strip
  • Triangle
  • V Shape
Honey £25
PHD £30
Hot Wax / Sugar £35
Our Signature Love You Be You
3 hours £240

A space is created for you to have your energy cleansed. You will experience 4 different deep relaxing face and body treatments including eye pillows, hot towels, Aromatic warm water, soft music, candles, fresh fruit and lime water to drink.

Our Signature Full Body Exfoliation £25

Experience an all over body brush. Your body is polished with our Mandarin and black pepper Sugar scrub. We personalise your moisturiser with an aromatherapy oil to suit your needs, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and smelling gorgeous.


DermaCo Prescriptive Facial

For those of you who are unsure of which facial to go for why not let us design one just for you. Includes a combination of the treatments above to create the ultimate facial. Also using Ultra sound for deeper penetration of the conductive gel.

1 hour treatment £50
Course of 5 £235
Course of 10 £420

Using a diamond tip abrasion method the top layers of the epidermis are mechanically exfoliated causing an increase of growth of new skin cells. The benefits of this include improvement in skin tone and colour, increased elasticity, reduction of enlarged pores, removal of surface lines and wrinkles and reduction of pigmentation and scars.

30 minute treatment £28
1 hour treatment £50
Course of 10 one hour treatments £420
A course of Microdermabrasion treatments is required when treating scars or pigmentation. One off treatments are great for special occasions, deep cleansing and exfoliating or instead of your normal facial.


Biolift / Non-Surgical Facelift

Micro-current was developed over twenty years ago to strengthen facial muscles in stroke victims and those suffering with Bells Palsy. Since then it has been adapted and developed by the beauty industry to offer a course of treatments to firm, tone and lift facial muscles with the same results as a surgical facelift!

30 minute eye treatment £28
1 hour treatment £50
Course of 10 one hour treatments £420
LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy is a brand new treatment in the beauty industry, it has been researched by NASA and skincare companies working on the theory that our skins light receptors react differently according to various coloured lights. This technology is incredibly advanced and achieves results that cannot be beaten.

30 minute treatment £28
Course of 10 £210

Red - increases collagen and elastin production.
Blue - creates and anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial effect for treating acne
Green - Has a soothing effect on irritation and reduces redness
Yellow - Encourages lymphatic drainage and assist in detoxifying the skin


Organic Mini Facial 30 minutes of skin revitalising.£25

We use pure Aloe Vera facial products. Experience a cleanse, tone, facial exfoliation and face mask. 30 minutes of skin revitalising.

Our Signature Organic Facial £40

Pure relaxation with luxurious extras added. Your skin is treated with Aloe Vera products.


De-Stress Massage Unwind and feel revitalised.

Back, neck, shoulders, face, legs, feet, arms and hands the choice is yours.

15 mins £15
20 mins £20
30 mins £25
50 mins £45
1 hour £50
1 hour 30 mins £75
Our Signature Hopi Ear and Sinus Detox Facial

Ear candles are very relaxing and comforting. Experience a deep relaxing pressure point facial massage.

40 minutes £40
Hopi Ear Candles
20 minutes £25
Course of 6 £120


Make-Up * Please note we do not do a mobile service.

We can give you a free make up lesson while we apply your make up. Choose between an evening, daytime or Wedding make up. Your skin tone is colour matched and your eye colour will be enhanced. We will use professional techniques to give your make up a longer lasting look.

A makeover is 30 minutes £25
Our Signature Paris Arch or Paris Curve eyebrow shape £10
Eyebrow tidy and maintenance £7
Our Signature Eyebrow Creation £15

Bespoke eyebrow tint and shape. Achieve a new style, natural or classic look.

Please note all tinting and eyelash lift treatments require a patch test 24 hours in advance.
Top and Bottom Lash Tint £10

Brighten and enrich your eye colour. Lasts 3-4 weeks

Our Signature Brow Tint £7

Enhance your eyebrow shape also eliminates grey hairs in your eyebrows. Achieve a natural look or a personalised defined look which can last for 3-4 weeks.


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