Hello I'm Sarah Louisa.

The beauty everyone craves on the outside is actually inside all of us. When we feel our best we automatically look attractive. It's our own individual essence that is so attractive and we all have this within us. I spent alot of my working life developing businesses and doing beauty therapy. The main part of my work was helping people look and feel good on the outside, this has only strengthened my belief about the power of our inner world.

My work now focuses on helping men and women connect and improve their inner health, love and confidence to live the life they truly desire. I offer online courses and 1 to 1 Intuitive Coaching with this goal in mind. All of the resources you have ever needed are actually within YOU - My work is focused on bringing these to your awareness.

This is your life. What way do people treat you? How do you feel about yourself really? How do you treat yourself?

My Transformational Health coaching covers healthy eating in a way that becomes natural for you. You don't need to restrict, or deprive yourself, or even starve yourself. Once we uncover together your bad habits, your whole world will change automatically as you align with habits that are effortless and truly give you happiness.

Sometimes awareness is all that’s needed then the choice is really yours.

Love always

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