Sarah Louisa

Sarah Louisa is a Health and Life Intuitive Coach. After attending the University of life Sarah now focuses on mentoring and coaching clients to achieve a prosperous and fulfilled life.

Sarah Louisa is very passionate in reaching out to single parents.

Sarah was once a surviving single mom who had no support network. Sarah had many break through’s with her own personal development and the personal development of her two sons.

Sarah Louisa is recognised for her impeccable customer service skills, delighting clients and innovating techniques that deliver results. Sarah now maintains a national client base and is now taking Truth of beauty global.

Over the last 10 years Sarah has learnt a wealth of knowledge through training and qualifying as a Teacher and Assessor, Angelic Reiki master, Advanced Energy Field Healer, Health Coach and Life Coach and in 2018 took part in a Leadership academy training course in San Dieago. Sarah’s love for learning continues.

In 2012 Sarah published her first book Fresh, Clean Men.

Sarah loves to travel and lives in the UK with her beloved family and little dog Odin.

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