Lara I am very grateful to Sarah who has helped me through a difficult time. Sarah is very positive and made me feel at ease straight away. She made me look at my life in a different way and made me focus on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I found that the sessions were a nice and helpful experience and they provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. She helped me focus on the things that really do matter to me and how I could achieve them. These changes have had a major impact on my life and the people around me. In summary Sarah has enabled me to transform my life and I will always be grateful to her. I would recommend her to anyone.

Sarah has been an amazing help to me over a number of years whenever I have gone through things in my life. She has been a massive support and has always been so positive and helped me out with finding a solution to the problems I have had. Sarah is one of the most amazing ladies I know, she has so much life experience and being around her has been a pleasure and a blessing as she is such a positive and motivated person with so much empathy to help others out. I feel lucky that i have had someone like this to turn to, she is my soul sister.

Jo I have known Sarah for many years now initially as my Beauty Therapist but now also a good friend. Sarah has a genuinely beautiful soul, with the most gentle & calming presence. Sarah has such empathy towards anyone with troubles, showing great understanding & guidance, yet given in such a subtle way. I feel priveliged to know her and have learned a tremendous amount from her. This knowledge has allowed me to develop into a much calmer, contented person and i believe, a better mother and someone who has learned to simply enjoy life. : )
Tammy Sarah,

I am pleased to be able to let you know just how much you have had an impact on my life. You have helped me to remain strong during difficult times in my life. When i was in my deepest, darkest moments you stayed with me and taught me how to love myself again. I will never forget wanting to give up on life and feeling like there was no end to my misery. Life was going at a busy pace and i couldn't keep up but you taught me how to slow down and take one step at a time. You may never fully appreciate how much you saved me from my negative self which is why I am pleased to have the opportunity to be able to tell you now. You helped me to find me again and stayed with me during my soul searching journey. I once told you that I don't do much for myself because it was selfish and not fair on my family but you told me something that has stuck with me to this day (I also share these words with others). You said to me "Honour yourself!" You explained to me that it is not selfish to look after yourself, you start with yourself to be able to look after others. I have so much that i could say. You truly are a remarkable woman. You have achieved so much and fought so many battles. You are a true reminder that anything is possible.

Love you always.

Christopher When I first met Sarah I had low confidence and self esteem, I felt different from the world and struggled to see why I never seemed to fit. Life would not seem fair alot of the time because I would give my time and loyalty to my work and my family and the respect and kindness often never seemed to come back. There was a cycle of trying so hard and never feeling good enough to make my family happy or seeming to do more than my peers at work but never gaining recognition. Thanks to my time with Sarah, that cycle is a thing of the past. This isn't meant to be my life story but a testimonial of what I have changed since first meeting Sarah. The first paragraph explains how I felt before. Now two years on my views and life - I 'am' different from other people, and that is my strength - I do not 'need' any favour and I do not 'need' respect from others. I am myself and I now stand true to that. If people don't see that then that is their choice - they just aren't supposed to be a part of my tribe. I changed how I 'thought' people looked at me and chose to just give love and best wishes, even to those don't mean well to me or don't see me for who I am. This sounds funny right? But honestly, this is how we can make our world a better place. I get unfortunate events or negativity from people happen like the rest of us but I let them go and move straight back to love and positivity, I have made huge strides in my career doubling my salary within 2 years due to my mental shift, I am a much better father and am in the happiest family state that has been for years and years. The best part - This happiness shows no signs of letting up yet!!!
Kate I have travelled all over the world and have yet to find a wax comparable to that of Sarah Louisa’s. Even when I lived 25 miles away I would drive back for her professional treatments and immaculate results!
Mike, Computer System EngineerI have been travelling over 200 miles for the last 7 years to see Sarah Louisa. She has the ability to put her clients at ease and professionally perform the treatments and therapies whilst retaining a friendly rapport. There are no treatments like this where we live.
LouiseSarah is good value for money, and the attention to detail that you receive is far beyond several beauty salons that I had previously tried.
Tara Moriarty, LecturerHaving experienced lots of therapists in the past for all types of waxing on all different areas makes me realise how lucky I am to have found ‘THE ONE’. Going to Sarah for my Perfect Bikini makes perfect sense - she is so professional, so knowledgeable, so experienced and makes you feel completely at ease.
Bobby McCarthyI have been coming to see Sarah Louisa for treatments (mainly waxing) for many years now. I can honestly say I am never disappointed with the service provided.
Caroline RustomHighly professional, excellent results and such a lovely person. I have and will continue to recommend her services and do the 34 mile round trip every month for her exceptional service.
JulieSarah Louisa at Truth of Beauty is Birmingham’s best kept secret. I have been a client of Sarah Louisa’s since 2004. I had a terrible problem with in-growing hairs on my bikini line before I met Sarah, through care and treatment she managed to sort the problem for good.
ElaineThe Perfect Bikini is a great treatment for making you feel clean and hygienic. Professional, discreet and gives you confidence.
Carla Higgins, Stardust Dance AcademyIt’s surprising how such a chore can become a pleasure when you're mid conversation and realise it is already over. Sarah is professional but friendly and someone that I rely on. Thank you Sarah for making me feel so welcome in your salon. I would never go anywhere else.
KevinI started coming to Sarah for my waxing inc. Brazilian wax nearly 15yrs ago. Nobody else was doing the treatments Sarah offered. I have always used her as she is the most experienced in her trade.
CharlesI have my full body waxing done with Sarah Louisa since September 2006, Fiona my wife has been coming since April 2007 for Sarah’s personalised treatments. Sarah’s treatments are always carried out with great professionalism and to a very high standard.
Lisa Bayley

After having some bad experiences with waxing such as the wax being too hot, feeling uncomfortable with the therapist or the therapist simply not taking off enough hair, I was delighted when I found Sarah and her ‘Perfect Bikini’ waxes.

I really didn’t know what a ‘Perfect Bikini’ was, of course I’d had bikini waxes but the reason that a 'Perfect Bikini' is well…..perfect is that it not only looks completely symmetrical, top and sides are shaped, the remainder is trimmed perfectly and the whole area is gone over with a fine tooth comb (well tweezers actually) to remove any in growing hairs or stray/ too short hairs that haven’t been waxed! The service is absolutely top quality and completely professional! I would definitely recommend!

KarenThe Perfect Bikini is by far the best waxing treatment ever, afterwards I felt extremely clean, fresh and ultra-smooth. Sarah puts you totally at ease adapts the treatment to my individual needs.
SueI LOVE coming for my Perfect Bikini wax as the fresh, clean feeling afterwards is fantastic. After 6 years my re-growth is now so minimal! In growing hairs are always treated.Sarah always gives a friendly, professional service, very thorough, and personalised, rather than making me feel like just a number.
JustineSarah Louisa is the best when it comes to doing a bikini wax, my favourite is the Perfect Bikini. Would recommend her to anyone A**
JaneSarah Louisa gives service like nothing else I‘ve ever seen before. I feel so comfortable through my treatment, even though I’m having my bikini waxed. I notice a massive difference in my re-growth it is much better than my old salon. I don’t suffer with in-growing hairs like I used to.
DonnaSarah Louisa was fully booked so I went to House of Fraser because I thought I would receive the same high standard service. I lost my dignity and felt so uncomfortable because I was asked to remove my underwear and the result after was nowhere near the same. Sarah Louisa is the Best! And I would rather wait then go anywhere else again. My regrowth is excellent. I’m left with not one single hair and I keep my underwear on.
Sarah, NurseSarah makes you feel very welcome and quickly eased my anxieties as I have never had a bikini wax before. The whole experience is very positive and I feel so hygienic after my Perfect Bikini wax. I am so happy to finally have my ingrown hairs treated.
Rachel, NurseMy wax with Sarah is perfect! She pays attention to detail and makes what can be a painful and embarrassing experience, a refreshing and pleasant one. I recommend Sarah for the best wax ever.
Fiona, ManagerIn the past I have experienced rashes and spots from having my bikini waxed with other therapists. I have extremely sensitive skin. The technique and product Sarah Louisa uses allows me to have a clean finish with no reactions or break outs. I always recommend her and the Perfect Bikini service as many people I know have also had bad reactions, rashes and break outs from using other therapists.I always have a first class professional service with Sarah Louisa one that I trust and is value for money.
Jo BonnellSarah Louisa has perfected the art of waxing.
ClaireBefore I came to Sarah Louisa I never had a Brazilian wax as I was too conscious to go anywhere that I would be comfortable; I was recommended to Sarah, she put me at ease and 11 years on I still see her for my waxing.
SandyMy hair growth has been a lot sparser since I have started having the Brazilian waxing – and I know I would not go anywhere else other than to Sarah to have it done.
Di PrestonI come from Shrewsbury especially to see Sarah Louisa. The reason I undertake this length of journey rather than utilise a local salon is Sarah provides: - A professional service (such a perfectionist!)
- Total trust in Sarah’s ability and knowledge of each treatment
- Hygienic and relaxing surroundings
- Calming influence
- Flexibility of appointments
- Value for money
JayneI’ve been going to Sarah for a Perfect Bikini Wax for around 4 years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else. You don’t need to worry about shaving or trimming for weeks after and it makes you feel much cleaner!
Jill Wright, Cherish properties, DirectorI go to see Sarah Louisa for my bikini wax as she’s professional & puts me at ease as it is for me quite embarrassing. She takes her time & is very thorough, removing in growing hairs & offering advice throughout the treatment.
ValSarah Louisa is definitely above all the rest in her trade.
Carol, Solihull

I have been a client of Sarah Louisa for many many years; well over 7 years if not longer. Sarah Louisa used to be located 5 minutes from where I live, however when she moved salons I didn’t care where she was going, I was prepared to travel the distance because of the high-class and professional service and care offered by her.

Her friendliness, positive attitude and professionalism, makes it impossible to not want to return again, again and again.

LucyI found out about Sarah from 2 close friends who could not recommend her enough and now I am the same!

For me, I have always been extremely conscious and prudish about this treatment and to be honest “beauticians” that I have been to before have never understood this. You’re just in and out after two wax strips and about 3 minutes and that’s about it.

Sarah is amazing and makes you feel at ease as well as taking the time not only to make you feel comfortable but also to carry out the job to the highest standard I have ever seen.
HR Account ManagerI have been to different places for waxing (before I found Sarah) and none meet Sarah’s high standards or quality finish. Her attention to detail whether it is a Perfect Bikini wax or just an eyebrow tidy is amazing and her demeanour puts you the customer at ease as soon as she opens the door.
Jonathan, Scotland

I’ve been coming for many years. Not a lot of therapists do male grooming in Scotland, and I had a bad experience in past. I travel 6 hours for the specialist treatments, good professional service, very friendly. I feel comfortable as if nothing to be ashamed of.

Service with a smile!

Richard, ManagerI have been visiting Sarah since 2004 and followed her when she moved premises (twice). I feel very comfortable with her. She has a professional approach and is very friendly so I feel at ease. The treatment is very good with minimum pain.
David, SolicitorSarah has done my male grooming for me for over 6 years; she is very professional, experienced and easy to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.
JohnOnly Sarah Louisa does male grooming locally – I am happy to travel a 60 mile round trip for the great sensation of feeling fresh and clean after a wax.
Stephen, VAT OfficeI travel 23 miles to have male grooming. Sarah is very professional easy going, very good at her job. After the treatment I feel better in myself.
Adam, Sutton ColdfieldI have been coming to Sarah for around 6 years now. I travel on the bus for 15 miles which isn’t the easiest journey but I know I will receive first class customer service. In addition Sarah is also a very highly skilled therapist, plus one of the nicest people you will meet.
Sharon, Director of Corporate AccountingI am loyal to Sarah primarily because of the professional standard of the waxing treatments…for years people have admired my Paris Arch eye brow shape.
Helen KeaneI have travelled all over the world and no therapist can match Sarah-Lou in her high standards and professionalism. Especially in respect of her personalised treatments. The hygienic surroundings and her confidence puts me at ease every time. I will not let anybody else touch my eyebrows or bikini.
JudeParis Arch eyebrows shape – might seem relatively small – but after having this done I feel so much more liberated.
AnnetteI have arthritis in my hips so struggle to open my legs as a normal person would. I feel very comfortable with Sarah as she is so professional. No other therapists have been able to match the finished results a Perfect Bikini gives.”
AnneThe Perfect Bikini makes me feel so clean and tidy. Continuous Perfect Bikini waxes almost clears away any ingrowing hairs from re-developing.
BernadetteI have little discomfort as possible through my Brazilian wax whilst leaving my underwear on obviously a product of years of experience. I will always recommend these treatments to my friends.
MariaYou have not had a bikini wax until you have visited Sarah
DaviniaSarah takes the time to make sure you are completely happy before you leave the salon and the service is excellent.
GinaA completely professional and holistic service; a range of professional beauty treatments that you will struggle to find anywhere else and personal standards that are rare and priceless.

The treatment I receive is the ‘Perfect Bikini’ and I do have to stop myself from saying, when asked if the treatment was ok, that it is perfect!

ChantalUntil I met Sarah I had always had a standard bikini wax and not very good ones at that, I tried many different beauticians and each time was disappointed with the results, the waxing was painful, never quite removed enough hair and often would bruise my skin. I was a little nervous to try something new but so pleased I did, the Perfect Bikini wax is exactly that, I have been so happy with the results, removing just that little bit more than a standard wax, I feel so much cleaner and tidier and the re-growth has been excellent.
Sarah WalkerI like the Perfect Bikini for lots of reasons, having been to many other beauticians in the past I don’t feel they offer the full service that the Perfect Bikini does. They don’t wax underneath or around the bottom, they don’t offer the trim service and they don’t offer help with ingrowing hairs. Often many of these places do little to preserve dignity, asking the client to remove all underwear or to wear paper underwear, some even ask for very undignified positions during waxing. Having the Perfect Bikini eliminates all these things, dignity is preserved at all times.
This is a Testimony from a student who attended a wax course: This course has filled me with the confidence that I need, to go out and wax alone. I felt Sarah ensured that I had the knowledge needed to give me success within the industry. I believe I received value for money and could ask as many questions as I needed to without feeling silly. I would recommend the Truth of Beauty training to anyone. This is a complete change in profession for me. I now feel a lot more relaxed about being involved in the beauty industry.


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